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Greg McAfee Introduces HVAC Business Boot Camp

Originally published: 03.26.13 by Greg McAfee

Greg McAfee, founder and president of McAfee Heating & Air Conditioning Co., in Dayton, Ohio, is announcing his HVAC Business Boot Camp.

McAfee, a regular columnist for HVACR Business, is an award-winning entrepreneur with a passion for helping fellow HVAC business owners take their businesses to new heights. He started McAfee Heating and Air in 1990 with $274 and a used truck. Today, McAfee Heating and Air is one of the most successful HVAC companies in the Midwest. The company has been named among the Dayton Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” three times.

McAfee is often asked to share his expertise with other business owners across the United States. Now he’s offering a two-day, information-packed, training session designed to help HVAC entrepreneurs strengthen and grow their businesses. Training is conducted in an in-depth peer group interaction setting using the proven learn-act-produce-prosper (LAPP(R)) development process.

During the two-day training, attendees will get a behind-the-scenes tour of McAfee Heating & Air. You’ll learn how and why the company’s systems work—from scheduling calls to guaranteeing arrival times—and you’ll see how team members function on a typical day-to-day basis.

Interactive training and lectures are held in comfortable surroundings that make it easy to focus and absorb

the lessons, processes, and procedures that make McAfee a leader in the HVAC industry.

Greg says that it is his hope that you’ll leave with the know-how and motivation to:

  • Evaluate your business culture and how to improve or change it for the purpose of attracting key team members and the right customers for your business.
  • Apply branding that will make your HVAC business name as well known as “Kleenex,” in your marketplace.
  • Realize that you don’t need to grow by acquisition! Grow by taking and increasing your market share rather than taking on other people’s problems. Learn to attract more new customers than ever before while retaining existing ones.

Greg McAfee Business Boot Camp is a prerequisite and your launching pad for Greg McAfee 2.0, an 8-day in-depth training program that will cover Administration, Sales/Marketing, Logistics, and Assets.

For more information, contact Greg McAfee at 888-GREG-USA

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