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MCA Chicago Launches Online Safety Store


BURR RIDGE, Ill. — The Mechanical Contractors Association of Chicago (MCA) launched a new online Safety Store to make it easier for member contractors to provide safety gear and materials to workers. The store includes items such as safety glasses and vests, hard hat stickers and paycheck safety stuffers.

MCA’s efforts to improve the safety of workers had humble beginnings. Dan Bulley, senior vice president for MCA, was cleaning his gutters and wasn’t following standard safety protocols.

“I was being unsafe, leaning way over,” Bulley confessed. “I thought, I know better, so if I am doing this, then other people who know better aren’t working safely so let’s do something about this.”

As Bulley began spearheading programs to promote safety, he noticed workers weren’t wearing safety glasses. The reason: they either didn’t fit right, were ugly or both. That was in the early- to mid-90s and OSHA was only just starting to enact performance based standards that changed the culture of safety.

Bulley researched safety glasses that both looked cool and fit comfortably. Then MCA subsidized the cost of the safety glasses for contractors to provide them to workers.

“In the very beginning the idea was if we can save one eye we’ve done something,” Bulley said. “Over the years we’ve subsided more than 20,000 pairs of safety glasses. We did our part in making them more acceptable and I would like to think we saved several eyes.”

Since the launch of the Safety Store last week, there have already been several orders from MCA member contractors requesting gear and materials to promote safety on their jobsites.

For additional information, visit www.mca.org.