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Maytag Heat Pump Named Consumers Digest Best Buy


ST. LOUIS — The Maytag PSH4BI up to 22-SEER iQ Drive modulating heat pump has been named a Best Buy by Consumers Digest. In past years, both the PSA4BI air conditioner and PSH4BI heat pump have been recognized by Consumers Digest for their efficiency and value to homeowners.

According the article released by Consumers Digest, the PSH4BI heat pump continues to be recognized because it "remains one of the most efficient series that [they] found that has an inverter-driven compressor, which modulates operation speeds in a way that allows the models that are in this series to use only the energy that's required to heat your living space."

An inverter-driven, rotary compressor helps reduce the number of noisy, costly on-off cycles that the heat pump goes through. This particular model is able to modulate between 40% and 118% capacity, making small adjustments – saving homeowners money, maintaining home comfort levels and reducing sound levels.

For additional information, visit www.maytaghvac.com or www.iqdrive.net