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LG Unitary Duty Rotary Compressor


LG Electronics USA Inc.’s Component Solutions division's unitary duty rotary compressor is custom-designed for split- and packaged-system unitary HVAC applications such as single-family homes, apartments and multi-family residential units.

The compressor, designed to produce the same results in capacity and efficiency as today’s scroll compressors, features two patented enhancements that contribute to its enhanced performance and improved durability: the new restarting solenoid valve and new discharge check valve.

The LG unitary duty rotary compressor was developed to start under a system load without the aid of harsh electrical start components.

Under certain conditions, these electrical devices may damage the compressor and affect the unit’s overall reliability. Instead, LG’s design team engineered a unique approach that relieves any load that may exist while the compressor is beginning to run. And while rotary compressors are commonly used in smaller settings, such as window units, the unitary duty rotary compressor is optimized for unitary applications. Its enhanced overload protector and reinforced mechanical parts serve applications requiring 1.5- to 2.5- ton capacity targeted at the 14 SEER level


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