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Larson Electronics Magnetic Mount Work Lamp


The WAL-M-2X48LED-120 magnetic mount LED work light from Larson Electronics provides operators with a powerful, yet highly versatile, lighting solution that can be mounted to just about any flat metallic surface that will accept a magnet. Featuring dual LED light heads, three 200 lbs grip magnetic pads, an included 120 to 12VDC transformer, and 25 feet of SOOW cord with heavy duty straight blade plug, this LED work light is built for power, durability, and versatile operation.

The dual LED lamps on this work light produce a combined total of 5,760 lumens of light output and can be independently adjusted to provide maximum effective coverage of large work areas. The LED lights are waterproof and constructed with thick aluminum housings and polycarbonate lenses, making them extremely rugged and able to withstand the rigors of work environments and bad weather conditions. These lamps contain Edison Edixeon® LED Emitters to provide the highest power and reliability possible and have a 50,000+ hour operational life expectancy.

Since these LED lamps normally run with 12 or 24 volt DC current, the assembly is fitted with a waterproof transformer that allows operators to run the lamps from standard 110-120 VAC wall outlet power. Each lamp is mounted via tension hinges, which allow users to easily adjust each lamp as desired for the maximum coverage of the work area. The lamps and transformer are attached to a heavy-duty aluminum frame that has been fitted with three 200lbs grip magnetic pads, giving this unit 600 lbs of gripping force.

This LED work light can be attached to metal walls, ceilings, vehicles, equipment, and just about any surface that will accept a magnet, and will not shake lose or fall off even under rough operating conditions. This light is ideal for workers who need portable lighting that can be stationed securely without the need for added clamps or hardware and will illuminate areas measuring 450' long X 325' wide safely and effectively.

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