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Klein Wire Stripper/Cutters


Klein Tools introduced two wire stripper/cutters designed to quickly and efficiently cut and strip wire, saving time and effort.

An improvement to the company’s popular Katapult wire stripper, Klein added a built-in wire cutter. The new Katapult Wire Stripper/Cutter (Cat. No. 11063W) now conveniently strips and cuts 8-22 AWG wire. Precision-machined stripping holes easily remove up to 1” of insulation in a single step without damaging the wire.  The tension loaded wire-grip gently holds the cable while retaining cable geometry.

In addition, Klein Tools’ new Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper/Cutter (Cat. No. 11061) features a stripping head that adjusts to strip 10-20 AWG solid, 12-22 AWG stranded, and 12/2 & 14/2 Romex wire. This tool is especially useful in panels and other places where multiple wire sizes/types are present. The tensioning knob easily adjusts to apply the correct amount of force on the wire and an adjustable stopper controls the length of the core strip. It also features a convenient wire cutter built into the handle.

For more information: www.kleintools.com

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