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Kerry Gleeson is the founder of the Institute for Business Technology International (IBT) and developer of the Personal Efficiency Program (PEP). He is the author of the books The Personal Efficiency Program and The High-Tech Personal Efficiency Program.

Articles by Kerry Gleeson

4 Ways to Screen Out Non-Essential Information

If you are not in command of incoming mail, you'll keep hitting the same, frustrating wall when you try to be productive.
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Organizing Information for Quick and Effective Retrieval

Creating parallel systems for papers, electronic documents, and emails is the key.
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How to Reduce Interruptions and Improve Focus

Fewer interruptions will save valuable time that everyone can use to get more work done in less time; have more time for daily planning; and schedule time to think, read, and learn more about your business.
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13 Ways to Tame Your Inbox

How to efficiently review, receive, and send email.
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Overcome Procrastination - Now

Wasted time is just the tip of the iceberg; the "hidden" part of procrastination is the impact it has on your team members' productivity and your customers' satisfaction - as well as your business and personal reputation.
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Getting the Most from Electronic Tools

Individuals and businesses invest an enormous amount of time and money in buying, learning, and maintaining tools to manage workload. But few people are getting the highest level of benefits from these investments. Now is the time to change this.
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