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Keith Mercurio

Keith Mercurio is the sales trainer for Nexstar Network and trains members on sales, customer service, and motivation. Before joining Nexstar, he worked within a Nexstar member company, first as a plumber, then developing an HVAC sales division that produced $3.7 million within the first two years while incorporating many of the same techniques he teaches today.

Articles by Keith Mercurio

5 Keys to the Art of Price Conditioning

Discussing price earlier in a call – a practice called Price Conditioning – can be more successful in getting customers to do business. Here are five key steps for implementing Price Conditioning
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Increase Close Rates and Average Tickets with Bundling

Bundling is the assigning of a single value to a combination of multiple items, and it is one of my favorite topics because it’s a genuine “art.” To learn how to present bundles to potential customers requires a lot of training, time, and faith because the shift in your thinking will be significant.
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