New Barcode Scanning for Johnstone Mobile App Enhances Convenience, Order Accuracy 

Originally published: 09.24.13 by HVACR Business Staff


PORTLAND, OR – Johnstone Supply, Inc., a national leader in HVACR distribution, has announced the launch of an exciting new capability in its mobile device application for customers to easily and quickly order products – a cutting-edge barcode scanning function. Available for Apple and Android mobile devices (smart phones and tablets), the new barcode scanning tool allows contractors working on-site to simply log in, point their mobile device at a needed product’s barcode, and it will be immediately scanned, sourced and either ordered or saved to a Product List from their preferred Johnstone store (participating locations only).

“Being able to simply scan a product and have it become a live order is an incredibly practical and convenient way to leverage today’s mobile device capabilities,” said Brian Klaus, Johnstone’s Director of eCommerce. “There is simply no easier way to order what you need right there on site, with no hassle or even having to look it up.”

The new barcode-scan function inputs products directly into a customer’s cart or saved product list by using the camera in their Apple or Android device. They simply log in, press the scan button and aim the phone at a product’s barcode. The camera captures the UPC info and the app sends a request to their local Johnstone store’s system to find a match. Available for free on both iOS and Android platforms, the feature is available now from iTunes and Google Play. Participating locations only – contractors are encouraged to contact their preferred Johnstone store to confirm local availability.

“Saving our customers time and increasing order accuracy has been the driving force behind all of our new smart device and mobile computing services,” stated Andrew Verey, VP of Sales & Marketing. “The new barcode scanning tool makes finding a product when you are out in the field easier than ever before, and instant access to real-time pricing and inventory is a huge advantage. Along with, of course, our industry-best, 60,000-plus parts and supplies catalog.”

Customers using Johnstone’s mobile website and shopping apps can save their personal info for instant login, use a voice-activated search feature, create saved product lists and access price & availability in real-time from their Johnstone store. The mobile-optimized website provides intuitive searching and filtering by product attributes, brand, or other search criteria.

“This is just the latest example of how committed Johnstone is to being the industry leader in the practical use of mobile devices in the HVACR industry,” said Klaus. “We’re striving to continually introduce easy-to-use apps and innovations to help our customers and contractors, without their being intimidated by the rapidly changing technology.”

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