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Johnstone Supplier Summit Focuses on Enhancing Partnership, Profits


PORTLAND, Ore. — Johnstone Supply, Inc. recently hosted a strategic conference with key vendor partners at its 2014 Supplier Summit. Continuing to foster supplier partnerships and collaboration has been a major part of Johnstone’s growth and a key to its closing in on $2 Billion in annual sales.

An impressive 142 industry executives attended, representing 67 top HVACR manufacturers including Goodman, Honeywell, and Emerson Climate Technologies. Key topics focused on strategic marketing and product positioning to Johnstone customers, enhancing product data, and advancing Johnstone’s technology links with suppliers. As a result, summit attendees included representatives from manufacturers’ IT and Marketing departments who attended breakout sessions specifically addressing their areas of expertise.

“Our suppliers and Johnstone have the same goals - increasing our value to our customers and increasing sales - and this summit helps us keep the whole team on the same page,” said Johnstone CEO DeWight Wallace. “We appreciate the time these busy executives invested in coming out to meet with us, and we’ll use their feedback to improve our partnership in the year ahead.”

Johnstone provided attendees an overview of the Cooperative’s recent achievements, growth and expanded capabilities as a top HVACR distributor. Highlights included:

Significant increases in eCommerce sales and the effectiveness of Johnstone’s web and mobile initiatives, seeing double-digit growth on an annual basis

The summit theme focused on the tactical business impact of data expansion, and the use and application of information technology. Supplier participation and input was encouraged throughout, with open dialogue to gain insights, assess Johnston-supplier interactions and identify opportunities for improvement.

For additional information, visit www.johnstonesupply.com.