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As president of Quarter Moon Plumbing & AC, Joel Frederick leads a great team that has been committed to serving the San Antonio community and surrounding Texas areas for over thirty years. Joel actively supports his community and dedicates much of his free time to volunteerism and service work. For more information about Quarter Moon Plumbing & AC, please visit quartermoonplumbing.com.

Articles by Joel Frederick

Proactive vs. Reactive Problem Solving

Customers appreciate your quick ability to react to their problem, but what if you could solve them before they called?
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Educate Your Customers on System Care

The more your customers understand about their system and your business, the better the relationship you will have.
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Increase Customer Lifespan

Through responsive and intuitive outreach, you can grow your customer base and increase retention.
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Emergency Hotlines: Why We Need Them

As a business owner, it brings great satisfaction to know that our company is providing all we can to ensure our customers are receiving top notch service, especially in life’s more stressful situations.
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Find Where the Talent is Hiding

Fear not, for there are ways to recruit new and quality employees.
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Enhance the Customer Experience

Use social media platforms to communicate with your customers in real time.
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Facebook Ads: Reach the Right People

The effectiveness of Facebook comes from its reach: it has over one billion active users! The ability to target specific segments within the one billion active users is the key to the success for the Facebook Business Ads model.
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