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Jodie Deegan is a Nexstar Network training implementation coach. Informed by working more than 25 years in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical fields, Jodie assists residential contractors in guiding their technicians toward new processes and behaviors that stick. For additional information, visit nexstarnetwork.com, call 888-240-7827 or email membership@nexstarnetwork.com.

Articles by Jodie Deegan

Tend to Your Business Like a Garden

Like tending a garden, you need to be focused, dedicated and single-minded when it comes to improving your company.
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Success Through Connections

Get out of your silo and connect with other businesses who have faced the same challenges.
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Inside Sales: The Secret Weapon

Inside sales can exist even if you don’t have a dedicated person for that job.
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The Importance of Ride-Alongs

Finding the time to escape from the office and ride with one of your technicians for a day can be difficult. But, time spent mentoring and bonding with your employees in the field is solid gold.
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Embracing Change is Good for Your Business

When you commit to change, it’s important to put processes in place that keep the change working.
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