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Job4Site Web-based Service Tool


Job4Site is an inexpensive, easy-to-use mobile tool to help companies run their service businesses. Job4Site can be used on any web enabled device; desktop computer, smart phone or tablet and allows business owners and office managers to easily schedule appointments for field staff, manage customer information and create invoices. Technicians can easily see their upcoming jobs, get directions, take job notes and invoice on the spot.  

Job4Site offers the office a view of each technician’s jobs, or all field staff at one time, enabling a better gauge on upcoming workload. Open appointment times and available technicians are easily identifiable, making job scheduling easy.  The notes feature allows messages and reminders to be sent to one or all field technicians at one time.  Settings including different job types, date and time, and entering the description of work to be done are all a part of the system.
When on a job, technicians have access to all critical customer information such as job history and current equipment at each location. Work completed is recorded, important model and serial numbers captured and the job invoiced onsite, giving the office access to this information real-time throughout the day. The premium package allows photos of jobs and equipment to be uploaded for easy reference on future visits.  

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