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Jaga Introduces Renewable Convector

Originally published: 12.21.12 by

Jaga Climate Systems recently introduced a heating solution made entirely from renewable and recycled material.

The Vertiga unites Jaga’s superior Low-H20 low temperature and dynamic boost effect (DBE) technologies with stunning design, the company says. Further, at the end of its lifecycle, the Vertiga can be upcycled into new material. 

According to Bert Kriekels, executive director, Jaga Climate Systems, the Vertiga combines eye-catching design, energy efficiency and top performing power. “Because of the process, no two units are exactly alike which adds to the appeal and authenticity of this powerful radiator,” he adds. 

The unit is available in three unique panels, offering multiple design options. The Kirei panel, named for the Japanese character meaning “beautiful,” consists purely of natural ingredients. Kirei is also the name for the inedible portion of soy. The radiator panel is made from post-harvest Sorghum plant stalk—or the inedible material from the soybean crop—to create an organic product with distinctive shades to enliven every wall.

The Vertiga is also available with the Glow panel, a simplistic black or white high gloss design, or the Primo panel, available in standard white or sandblast metallic grey. Additional colors,

such as navy, red and forest green can be incorporated to highlight the Vertiga against the wall or allow the unit to blend in the space. 

The Vertiga also promotes linear air flow rather than a top down circulation system.  The radiator is equipped with two dynamic lateral air heat exchangers with copper tubes and aluminum fins aquifers, ensuring there is no waste of energy during long periods of heating. It works with low-temperature energy systems such as condensing boilers and heat pumps. 

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