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Jaga Radiators Earn Red Dot Product Design Awards

TORONTO, CANADA – Jaga Climate Systems, a leading provider of innovative heating and cooling solutions, today announced its receipt of two prestigious Red Dot Product Design Awards for its sleek and innovative radiators, the Scape DBE and the Jaga Freedom; both in concept and available mid-2014. Praised for their fusion of contemporary design and top technology, the new radiators were only two of 4,600 entries received for the globally recognized design award.

“Scape DBE’s refined method of construction is convincing, and its innovative technology provides exceptional output for its size,” said a judge for the competition. “In addition, the Jaga Freedom’s compact, elegant shape is just as impressive as its special technology, which promises the highest level of efficiency and sustainability.”

Since 1955, this prestigious award serves as symbol of quality for consumers and businesses looking for innovation and originality. Separated into 21 categories ranging from Life Science and Medicine, to Spa and Air Conditioning, the Red Dot Award is associated with excellent design quality.

The Scape DBE, is a low-temperature radiator designed to work efficiently with air and ground source heat pumps. It features the intelligent Jaga Dynamic Boost Effect (DBE) technology, and can deliver up to a 250 percent higher heat outlet at a nine times faster rate than a traditional steel panel heat radiator. It can also be installed both horizontally and vertically.

The Jaga Freedom is a hybrid radiator in which technology and design go hand-in-hand. The modular housing is based on a slightly undulating double profile comprised of recycled aluminum. A sleek aluminum grille with black rubber lining completes the refined finish. The Freedom is suitable for heating and cooling – a big achievement for such a compact radiator.

“What’s great about these two designs in particular, is that both are discreet yet functional for our space conscious clients,” said Kriekels. “Best of all, they are made from raw materials and use less energy to create a cleaner climate both inside and out.”

For more information, visit www.jaga-canada.com