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Jack Singer, Ph.D.

Dr. Jack N. Singer, president and CEO of Psychologically Speaking, is a licensed industrial/organizational and clinical/sport psychologist, professional speaker, management coach and trainer. Contact Dr. Singer at 800-497-9880 or drjack@funspeaker.comFor additional information, visit www.drjacksinger.com.

Articles by Jack Singer

Skillful Resolution Makes for Happy Employees

Managing interpersonal conflict in organizations is among the most critical and important skills employees on all levels of an organization can possess.
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5 Prescriptions to Prevent ‘Hardening of the Attitudes’ Among Employees

Recent research shows that among the least-happy and least-engaged employees, the annual per-person cost of lost productivity due to sick days is more than $28,000, versus only $840 among the happiest and most-engaged employees. Here are five powerful prescriptions for enhancing employee morale and job performance and minimizing job stress.
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