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ebm-papst FlowGrid

The ebm-papst FlowGrid reduces noise levels for fans installed within limited-space. What the company’s AxiTop diffuser does on the pressure side (outlet) of the fan, FlowGrid does on the suction side (inlet). Easily mounted to ebm-papst fans, its open grill design straightens airflow to minimize turbulence before the air hits the axial or centrifugal impeller blades.

FlowGrid is ideal for fans installed within flat and central air handling units, air purifiers and heat pumps with centrifugal fans, or air-water heat pumps, condensers and V-shaped condensers with axial fans.

When the walls of a device such as an air handler, heat exchanger or heat pump are different distances from the fan, powerful vortices combine in the narrowest areas to form so-called ‘vortex strings.’ These turbulences then hit the rotating blades of the fan, generating noise — specifically a broadband noise and additional narrowband, tonal frequency components, known as propeller noise or tonal noise.

Mounted on the air intake side of the fan, the FlowGrid weakens these ‘vortex strings’ as they flow through the device. This reduces sound pressure across the entire sound frequency range and especially in the low frequency tonal range.


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