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Intermatic Compressor Defender


The Intermatic Compressor Defender is an all-in-one protection device for high-cost air conditioner/heat pump compressors and system electronics.

The Compressor Defender device takes the hit from power disturbances, preventing damage to integrated circuit boards in air conditioners/heat pumps. It protects these vital and expensive system components from brownouts (under voltages), power surges and has integrated short-cycle protection.

Designed for residential and light commercial use, the Compressor Defender device protects motors and circuit boards in central air conditioning systems, ductless mini-splits, packaged terminal systems and heat pumps. It can be installed inside a condensing unit or externally on an AC disconnect in just 10 minutes. Once it is installed, the Compressor Defender automatically adjusts the input voltage, eliminating the need to reset the voltage. The device is also compliant with the AHRI standard 110-1012.


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