DCS Industries Offers Solution to Air Conditioner Copper Theft

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DCS Industries announced that it now manufactures air conditioner covers to protect home owners and businesses from air conditioner vandalism and theft. 

DCS, headquartered in Phoenix, Az, said the Police Department revealed that more than 3,000 residents were victimized by metal thieves last year and the number is rising.

DCS air conditioner cages are constructed of premium grade steel, fabricated to meet all DCS Industries standards and provide the necessary strength for a quality air conditioner cover, the company said. DCS welds all custom iron works utilizing pre-fabricated jigs to ensure quality is maintained throughout. DCS air conditioner cages have an option of galvanization (10 year warranty against rust). DSC can either power coat or electrostatically paint ironworks for quality finishing that won’t detract from property aesthetics and will keep residential or commercial air conditioning units safe in air conditioner cages.

“With the high numbers of copper thefts, and specifically air conditioner theft and damage taking place across the country, we recognized the need for an affordable and reliable way to protect outdoor air conditioning units. Both residential and commercial units can be easily secured with our steel air conditioner cages,” said Todd Matson of DCS Industries in a company statement.

For more information: dcs-ind.com

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