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ICOR Release Video for Single Person Line Flushing


INDIANAPOLIS — The flushing process can be very time consuming and costly, especially if a second person is required. ICOR International, producers of CLEAN SHOT line flush, has released a short video that demonstrates how to construct a universal looping kit that will dramatically improve flushing efficiency by reducing waste, and making the process a one person job.

Line sets come in 4-5 common diameters. The most common liquid lines are 1/4-, 5/16-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch diameters. The most common suction lines are 5/8-, 3/4-, 7/8- and 1-1/8-inch.

The universal looping kit featured in this video can be constructed using common fittings, adapters, hose clamps and short sections of copper pipe and clear plastic hose. These materials can be purchased from most hardware stores and HVACR supply houses.


The entire universal looping kit should cost less than $100 and take less than two hours to construct.

For additional information, visit www.icorinternational.com.