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IceWarp Provides Disaster Data Recovery Plans


SPRINGFIELD, VA  – Natural disasters can damage almost everything a business has. One of the most critical areas a natural disaster can damage however is data. Once gone due to hardware damage, a business’ data is nearly impossible to recover. In light of the recent damage to businesses in Oklahoma, collaboration server company IceWarp decided to provide some advice to businesses on a modest budget when putting together an effective disaster recovery plan.

“Planning for disaster recovery is normally the area where most small to mid-sized companies get stuck.  When looking at the different options out there for disaster recovery it can seem extremely expensive, like something only Fortune 500 companies can do,” said IceWarp CEO Chris Knott.

Knott goes on to detail the components of an effective data recovery plan, which involve backup, archive, disk imaging, redundant hardware and redundant data centers, so that, in the event one entire site is comprised, data is preserved at a second, third or fourth location.

Complete redundancy, however, can run into a lot of money many businesses simply don’t have.

“The problem is too many companies think if they are not able to work a redundant data center into the plan there are no other truly effective options," Knott said.

This is where the cloud canbe helpful for many businesses. Companies that are too large to keep everything constantly in the cloud, but too small to have redundant data centers, are a perfect fit for cloud-based disaster recovery systems. A company can make clones of mission critical machines (Physical or Virtual) and have those run in the cloud. This is done only with mission-critical machines; not every machine running in the data center. Otherwise, the cost effectiveness of the cloud is negated. With cloud technology, in the event of a disaster, a business can then utilize cloud infrastructure that runs at a small percentage of the cost of a full redundant data center.

IceWarp is a replication tool that has an integrated synchronization method to provide a one-way mirror (all data synchronized from the source machine to the cloud) or a complete clone, allowing both machines to act as one across different locations. This aids a company when tackling the huge task of putting together a disaster recovery plan.

For more information, visit www.icewarp.com