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How to Become a Home Performance Superhero

Originally published: 1/1/10 by Paul Morin

Home performance contractors can identify and solve homeowner comfort problems, as well as improve environmental safety. Here are seven reasons to consider incorporating home performance contracting into your business.

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About Paul Morin

Paul Morin

Paul Morin was a carpenter who framed houses for 15 years before becoming a weatherization auditor in 1991. He also worked for the Center for Energy and Environment for more than 12 years, diagnosing building shell, combustion spillage, ventilation, and moisture problems in single-family and multi-family buildings. He has been working as a Technical Sales Specialist for The Energy Conservatory since 2009 and is past president of the Minnesota Building Performance Association.

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How to Become a Home Performance Superhero

Home Performance Contractors not only can identify and solve comfort problems for homeowners, but they can keep them and their businesses safe from harm.
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