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HARDI Certifies More Than 30 Branch Managers


COLUMBUS, Ohio — HARDI recently certified 32 members through its Branch Manager Certification Program.

Branch managers spent the past six months advancing their management skills through a variety of assessments, online learning, workshops and coaching sessions to obtain the certification. Participants completed the certification following the final session in late March.

"Since we went to your classes, we've gotten with our IT people and picked out some [sales] dogs, we revised the way we do our ranking, and by adding five percent to the real slow movers, here in Bloomington, our [gross profit] percentages went up almost three percentage points," said Steve Marlin, a recent graduate and branch manager with South Central Company, a division of G.W. Berkheimer. "I appreciate going through your class. I really do."

The program, in its third year, continues to establish itself as a reputable certification program that yields real-world results and a worthwhile return on investment. The 2015 enrollment was the largest yet, growing more than 40 percent over the previous year.

Congratulations to HARDI's 2015 Branch Manager Certification Program graduates:

  • Brian Hodges - ABR Wholesalers
  • Matt Holt - AC Supply
  • Scott Anderson - Behler-Young
  • Mike Lobretto - Behler-Young
  • Jim Scholts - Behler-Young
  • Pat Wood - Behler-Young
  • Karl Conolly - Century AC
  • Bill McClure - Century AC
  • Brandon Pape - Century AC
  • Glen Taylor - Charles D. Jones
  • Randy Holland - Crescent Parts and Equipment
  • Tim Armenta - Geary Pacific
  • Ed Aymami - Geary Pacific
  • Bill Brown - HVAC Supply
  • Brandon Acosta - Insco Distributing
  • Ben Conforti - Johnstone Supply - Kenilworth
  • Michael Denson - Johnstone Supply - Kenilworth
  • John Dileo - Johnstone Supply - Kenilworth
  • Darren Kee - Johnstone Supply - Kenilworth
  • George Morgan - Johnstone Supply - Kenilworth
  • Dean Mader - Johnstone Supply
  • Dennis Boback - Meier Supply
  • Kris Hollenbeck - Meier Supply
  • Jim McAuley - Munch Supply
  • Dan Hyett - Munch Supply
  • Jaime Garcia - Munch Supply
  • Dan Ridenour - RSD
  • Deborah Carson - South Central
  • Brad Holsten - South Central
  • Brian Lucas - South Central
  • Steve Marlin - South Central
  • Steve Webb - South Central

HARDI is now accepting registrants for its 2016 cohort, which begins its first workshop in September.

For additional information, visit hardinet.org.