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Greg McAfee

Greg McAfee founded McAfee Heating & Air Conditioning Co. Inc. in 1990 when he was 27 years old. Today, in addition to running his business, Greg consults and teachers others about successful business management. For more information, visit his Website at www.gregmcafee.com

Articles by Greg McAfee

Avoiding Knee-Jerk Reactions

Anticipate, delegate, train: 3 keys to crisis management for HVACR business owners.
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The Transformational Leader

What it Takes to Move Beyond Transactional Leadership
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In Pursuit of Profits

As an owner, being profitable means earning enough money to cover all your obligations, both business and personal, with some left over to invest as you please. These six strategies will help.
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5 Common Sense Rules for Leaders

These five common sense rules will help you become the leader your team will follow.
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6 Keys to Hiring A-Player Service Technicians

In communications and computing, what we thought was the best yesterday does not even come into play today. It’s not much different in the HVACR industry. Although we’ve not evolved as quickly, the days of a standing-pilot and single-stage motor are all but over, and being just a “good mechanic” is only part of the modern service technician’s job. Here are six ways to hire the best of the bunch.
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Take it Slow: 6 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process

Here are six ways to improve your hiring skills. Yes they will slow you down, but that’s better than going fast and making a hiring mistake.
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Things Your Customers Won’t Tell You (But You Need To Hear!)

If you don’t keep up with trends, you are not keeping up with customer expectations. Here is a checklist of nine pitfalls that will send customers to a competitor.
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Is There A Book Inside of You?

Greg McAfee talks to HVACR Business about his book "It's Your Dream." Topics he discusses are training, boards, customer service, innovation and marketing.
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A Changing Market Can Be Positive For Your Business

Paying attention to industry trends helps you better educate your customers, leading to loyalty and a heftier bottom line.
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Making the Most of Meetings

Meetings are an essential, if not one of the most important ways in which companies stay on track and execute a plan.
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Which Came First, the ‘C-word’ or the ‘E-word’?

Hiring an entrepreneurial “Operation-General Manager” to run your business, allows you to focus on the service/installation technical side of the business or the sales side of it.
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Sounding Board

Forming a board of directors is crucial for hvacr businesses. Whether your company is very small or very large, the benefits of having a board will get you to the next level and beyond.
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