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Greenheck Toolbox App Available for Download


Greenheck’s new Toolbox App contains a Fan Law Calculator and a Ductulator to help engineers and contractors make quick calculations.

With the Fan Law Calculator, users input the existing specifications for rpm, cfm, static pressure, and horse power, and then input any one measurement you would like to change and the remaining values will automatically calculate using standard fan laws.

The Ductulator allows users to easily size HVAC duct by inputting duct shape, rounded dimension, air temperature, elevation and roughness. Sizing can then be determined by airflow or dimensions. Select velocity or friction factor, input the volume, velocity and aspect ratio and the results are automatically calculated and displayed.

The Greenheck Toolbox App is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, or Android Tablet. For a free download, go to www.apple.com or play.google.com and select the Greenheck Toolbox.

For more information: www.greenheck.com


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