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Goodman Named Nexstar Network Strategic Partner of the Year


SAINT PAUL — Nexstar Network is excited to announce that Goodman Manufacturing, a member of the Daikin Group, has been named Strategic Partner of the Year for Growth. Goodman has been a Nexstar strategic partner since 2009.

As Goodman has grown, the company has raised the stakes in the quality game with contractors' best interests at heart, said Susan Tigner, strategic partner manager at Nexstar. She said the "proof is in the pudding" when it comes to Goodman's long-term product warranties.

"One element of why our partnership works is that our philosophies align," Tigner said. "We want to help build our members' and clients' success by encouraging them to be the brand by using and getting the most out of the products."

Partnerships with best practices organizations such as Nexstar are important for companies like Goodman, said Goodman Director of Strategic Alliances Mike Henson.

"Groups such as Nexstar provide the benefit of better business to contractors," Henson said. "This helps the feedback loop of success in our industry, which includes Goodman."

Goodman has more than 1100 outlets in North American, and is currently building a new $500-million facility near Waller, Texas.

Tigner also recognized Goodman for its philanthropy and contributions to the Nexstar Legacy Foundation over the years. Goodman understands that growth for contractors is limited by a lack of technicians, she said. Last June, Goodman gave $25,000 to the foundation. Henson recalled the feedback loop of success to describe the reasoning for such support.

"The technician shortage isn't just a problem for service companies, it also affects manufacturing," Henson said. "What we're looking for is a win-win-win for the homeowner, contractor and manufacturer; the chain is broken when someone doesn't win. We all need to be concerned about this shortage."

For additional information, visit nexstarnetwork.com.