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Resource Conservation Goliath Drain Pans


Resource Conservation Technologies recently introduced its Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans product line. The Drain Pans are a new and affordable solution for fixed placement, solid surface applications when hanging a secondary drain pan and HVAC unit is not necessary, the company says.  

They are available in three sizes, 30”x50”, 30”x62”, and 30”x66”, and feature a network of built-in risers, which are compatible with a wide variety of sizes of HVAC units.

Goliath Value Series Secondary Drain Pans are made from DexElar material, the company’s patented and advanced polymer that possesses strength, durability and versatility. It is UL-94 5VA and ASTM E-84-05 rated. 

The material provides one-piece structural strength, allowing the pans to support 40% more weight than traditional ABS plastic pans without splitting, leaking or cracking. The Drain Pans also can withstand temperatures from -20° F (-28°C) to 260° F (126.7°C).  

An AG-4200 Condensate Management System water sensor and drain adapter as well as 14 AG-GFR Vibration Isolators quiet any noisy HVAC unit.

For more information: www.rctus.com


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