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Goettl Air Conditioning Celebrates 75th Anniversary

PHOENIX — Goettl Air Conditioning, an HVACR company in Arizona, is celebrating a number of monumental anniversaries throughout 2014, including its own 75th anniversary and 25 years with its CEO and former president Dan Burke.

More than half of Phoenix’s 133-year history has included Goettl Air Conditioning. The company was founded in Phoenix on Feb. 14, 1939 by brothers Adam and Gust Goettl, who sought to deliver an effective means of keeping Arizona residents cool during the hot summer months. The company has grown tremendously since that time, and is now a staple-brand of Arizona.

HVAC-industry veteran and Managing Partner Kenneth D. Goodrich purchased Goettl in December 2012. Goodrich, who has built several successful HVAC and Plumbing companies throughout the Southwest over the last 20 years, asked longtime company legend Burke to take on the role of CEO to help realize his vision for the company.

“Goettl has had a long history with the great state of Arizona, and we look forward to another successful 75 years in the future,” Goodrich said. “With Dan’s experience and commitment, we’re going to continue to do great things for our industry and our community.”

Burke started with Goettl in 1989, serving then as the company’s president. He came to Goettl with several years of industry experience, and used his leadership and devotion to his craft to make the company an integral part of Arizona’s HVAC community.

For additional information, visit www.goettl.com.