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Give 100 Percent

Originally published: 02.01.18 by Jack Rebel

Give 100 Percent

Set a goal, have a plan and you will give 100 percent every time.

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Recently, I had an interesting discussion with a business associate.

He was asking me what percentage of goals for sales and profits are acceptable. If you set a sales and profit goal for this year, then you will remember how hard you thought about them and whether or not you could achieve them.

So, I’ll pose the question to you now, what percentage is acceptable? When we were in school, we knew that 70% to 75% is passing, 80% to 90% is above average and 100% is excellent.

It might be easy to believe it’s the same in business, right?

Wrong! Being a student in school is absolutely not the same as being a professional business manager. Want proof? Here, ask yourself these questions:

• If you fly in a passenger jet, what percentage of safe landings by the pilot would you consider acceptable?

• If you needed to have surgery to save your life, what percentage of success would you want the surgeon to have?

• If you had guests in from out of town and you spent

$500 to take them to a great band play, what percentage of the players do you want to know their lines and deliver them well?

If you’re like me, you want 100% each time. You want a safe landing that’s smooth and comfortable – every time. You want a successful surgery, and one that’s painless and quick. When you go to a concert, you’d not only like the band to play the popular songs, but to deliver them with enthusiasm and expertise so you remember the experience.

So, what is an acceptable percentage for your company to reach its sales and profit goals? One hundred percent! Reaching 100% makes you average; achieving more than 100% makes you good or great.

If you think otherwise, consider the price your employees might pay if you do not reach your goals.

When you reach your goals, all sorts of really great things happen: you create jobs, opportunities for people, more income for those people and greater return on the shareholders’ investment. You gain the self-satisfaction that your knowledge, your professionalism, and, even more importantly, your leadership helped make it possible.

You also gain security, and options for your own future. Do you want to be able to put your kids through a good school? Want to just go on vacation? How about simply reinvesting in your company? These are the things successful leaders have to think of.

A leader sets out on a path with specific goals, monitors progress toward reaching those goals, takes corrective action when necessary and finds a way to reach or exceed those goals. Are you the leader of your company?

The first step is developing a business plan. Have you developed your business plan yet? It’s a daunting task to start, but we have an easy way to get started. We have developed a step-by-step outline to help guide you to create your very own 5-year business plan. You can download it here for free.

Download the outline, and keep it close! Once you’ve developed a plan to build your business, use it. Whenever things get complicated or problematic, pull out that plan and get down to the basics.

Since you are a leader, and you have now created a path to your specific goals, remember that it is very important to be realistic and grade your performance accurately. If you’re getting it done and you have achieved your goals, pat yourself and your team on the back. If not, re-evaluate your plan.

This business is determined by how many calls you run a day, what you do on those calls, how much it costs to bring those in the door and how well you manage your overhead expenses. So, go back to basics, plan your work, and work your plan.

About Jack Rebel

Jack Rebel is vice president, partner alliance at Praxis S-10. He is on a mission to help contractors achieve business success beyond their wildest dreams. Jack has already helped more than 600 contractors discover the new HVACR business model that is transforming the industry and greatly enhance their profits. Visit praxiss10.com for additional information.

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Give 100 Percent

If you set a sales and profit goal for this year, then you will remember how hard you thought about them and whether or not you could achieve them.
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