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Ford's RV Training Center Celebrates 30 Years in Business


BENTON, Ky. — Ford’s RV Training Center (FRVTC) is celebrating 30 years of business. From its beginning, FRVTC has set many standards in the RV industry concerning RV refrigerator repair. They developed repair procedures no one else was using, designed the tools needed for these repairs, wrote the repair manuals and offered a 100% warranty.

In 1990, it began educating others across the U.S. and other countries with its procedures. This growing local business has now been licensed as a Kentucky state proprietary school where it will provide hands-on RV refrigeration reconditioning training at its facility. FRVTC also offers online training for those wanting to help RV owners around the world.

In the 1970s, when Roger Ford was a HVACR service technician he started researching RV refrigeration repair and was told the same remedy by all the RV service technicians he contacted: “Throw it away and buy a new one.” This primitive refrigerator repair method cost RV owners a lot of money and filling land fills with repairable refrigerators and cooling units. That’s when he decided to start his business.

Last year, FRVTC began publishing DIY troubleshooting and repair videos on YouTube in an attempt to help the RV owners as well as RV service technicians.

When an RV owner is sold a new cooling unit, they are only getting a one year limited warranty. As part of its 30-year celebration, FRVTC is offering a reduced price and a life time warranty on their cooling units.

For additional information, visit www.rvrefrigeration.com.