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Fleet Management/Operational Excellence


5 Advantages of Fleet Management

Originally published: 04.01.14 by Robert J. Hall

The benefits of fleet ownership outweigh the costs.


3 Reasons to Organize Your Service Vehicles

Originally published: 06.01.13 by Greg McAfee

Without inventory management, it would be difficult for any company to maintain control and effectively and efficiently handle the needs of their customers. Why taking inventory and organizing service vans is important. 


Methods of Decreasing Vehicle Expenses You Might Not Think About

Originally published: 06.01.13 by Ruth King

Vehicle expenses are a major component of overhead expense. Here are seven tips you may not have thought about that will help you keep these expenses as low as possible.


Top 5 Rules for Effective Fleet Wrap Design

Originally published: 06.01.13 by Dan Antonelli

These five tips will help you realize the maximum impact and return on investment for your outdoor vehicle advertising programs.


Are You Maximizing Your Fleet's Advertising Potential?

Originally published: 06.01.13 by Greg Smith

Whether they have a fleet of one, or many, smart business owners recognize their fleet’s value for cost-effective advertising.


Cargo Van Styling Goes Euro

Originally published: 06.01.13 by HVACR Business Staff

Taller, boxier cargo vans will offer smaller engines and alternative fuel options.


What's Down the Road for Pickup Trucks?

Originally published: 06.01.13 by HVACR Business Staff

Fuel-efficiency sparks redesigns as competition heats up for 2014 and beyond.


How Long Until You Get Your Money Back?

Originally published: 03.26.13 by Fleet Intelligence magazine

As fleet management software becomes increasingly popular with service companies, we hear remarkable stories about how quickly owners are getting a return on their investment. Here's a look at how people are measuring ROI and what can be expected.


Advances in GPS Technology Boost Benefits of Fleet Tracking

Originally published: 06.01.11 by David Brown

Unpredictable fuel prices and increasing insurance costs for fleet vehicles continue to be challenges for HVACR contractors. Investing in technology can help.


Saving on Fleet Costs Requires a Plan

Originally published: 02.01.11 by Kenneth W. Janosick

By using three key tools, contractors can protect themselves against wasted time and money, costly repairs that could have been prevented, and one of the biggest wildcards in operating company vehicles — fuel cost.


Managing Fleet Liability Risk

Originally published: 06.01.10 by Mike Coyne

Your fleet is an indispensable part of your business. Literally, it is your means to reach customers. It also represents a significant liability risk. These are ways to manage the risk.


A Better Way for Pine State Services

Originally published: 06.01.10 by Tonya Vinas

Pine State Services, South Portland, Maine, began a vehicle-stocking-and-organization program for its fleet of 21 vehicles, 10 of which are service vehicles. Here's why and how they did it.


Size Matters

Originally published: 11.01.07 by Traci Purdum

Larger air conditioning units have contractors scrambling to purchase vehicles big enough to haul them. What are the benefits of adding these vehicles to your fleet? What do you need to consider to purchase the optimal vehicle?


Flip This Fleet

Originally published: 10.01.07 by Traci Purdum

Traci Purdum summarizes characteristics of successful branding strategies and presents insight from the winners of HVACR Business' fleet design contest.


Buy or Lease?

Originally published: 10.01.06 by Peter Strozniak

There's no right answer. The decision to buy or lease a fleet should be based on several things, including how you used your trucks and financial considerations.