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Fireye Safety Controls Recieve SIL3 Certification


Fireye’s Insight II and Uniflame II scanners are the first primary safety controls to receive Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3) certification from Underwriters Laboratories, the company has announced.

SIL3 certification assures customers that the products meet a high level of safety. The certification is based on extensive research, scientific expertise and quality.

The Insight II and Uniflame II scanners are installed in power plants and refineries around the world. The scanners determine a target flame from other flames or hot background that may be present in the combustion chamber. If the target flame goes out, the Insight II sends a signal to the burner management system to close that fuel valve to prevent unburned fuel from entering the boiler, eliminating the potential for an explosion.

For more information:  www.fireye.com


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