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Terry Tanker, publisher of HVACR Business

Are You a Considered a High Yield Contractor When it Comes to Leading Your Business?

There's being a boss and there's being a leader, and High Yield Contractors understand the difference.

A leader has courage and takes responsibility for the success — and failure — of his or her team. A boss simply tells others what to do.

As the owner of your firm, it's only natural for overall success to fall squarely on your shoulders.

Nearly all High Yield Contractors (99 percent) identify their key business responsibility as the overall success of the company.

To be truly successful, however, High Yield Contractors must take an active role in the company's financial management, as well as management of sales and marketing.

High Yield Contractors owners also play a key role in brand selection for the company's products and systems — and realize the importance to lead and stay involved throughout all stages of the brand adoption process.

To sustain success over time, it is imperative to develop a leadership team and focus on developing people who can ascend to that team. Investing in your business and the products you offer is important, but there’s another area in which High Yield Contractors continue to invest — their people.

While it's important to lead your team in all areas of the business, the best leaders understand they can never know and do everything. And they don't pretend to. Great leaders surround themselves with people who are smarter and more experienced in areas of their own personal gaps.

Leadership training, and any type of employee training for that matter, is more about empowering the team around you than anything else.

Be proactive in leading your team, take an active role in all aspects of your business and you'll soon be on your way to becoming a High Yield Contractor.

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