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APRIL 2014

How to Discuss Pay With Your Employees

Talking about money with your employees can be uncomfortable. Even when you’ve got good news to share — a generous bonus or a well-deserved promotion — assigning a number to the value of someone’s work is tough. It’s especially difficult if you’re not the one calling the shots (most managers don’t set their own compensation budgets). Whether it’s your decision or not, one thing is certain: it’s a critical part of a manager’s job to have frank and open discussions with employees about pay. »more
Harvard Business Review

How To Leave Work At 5 P.M. And Still Get Everything Done

It’s a pattern with which most full-time professionals are familiar–you’re spending increasing amounts of time at your desk, but it feels like you’re getting less done. The hours stretch on, the to-do list grows, and you find yourself facing a future where you might let go of your apartment and just start keeping a toothbrush and slippers in your desk. Otherwise you’ll never get it all done—right? »more


6 Keys to Hiring A-Player Service Technicians by Greg McAfee

Equipment, customer expectations, and performance expectations have changed. Has your hiring process kept up? Twenty-five years ago, the cell phone was a Motorola DynaTac 8500XL. I knew very few people who had one. The cost was around $2,500, which in today’s dollars would be $4,400. I’m sure the XL stood for extra-large, because it was big and bulky. The talk time was only one hour. Today we have “mobile devices” such as the Apple iPhone that costs around $300 and weighs one-fifth of the 8500XL. »more

6 Easy Steps to Closing a Sale by Geoffrey James

Don’t apply too much pressure, and wrap up with clarity and confidence. Many sales professionals struggle with closing a sale. Here’s a sure-fire, six-step process, based upon a conversation with Linda Richardson, founder of the sales training firm Richardson and author of the bestselling book Perfect Selling. »more

Thermostat Recycling
Industry News

HVACR Business Continues Steady Growth

Goodman Global Group Names Takeshi Ebisu CEO

Carrier Presents Annual Hall of Fame and President’s Awards to Factory Authorized Dealers

DWD International Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Veto Pro Pac Names 2013 Sales Award Winners

LG Electronics Announces Two New HVACR Sales Representatives

Rotobrush Offers Tips for Coping with Allergy Season


ABB Heavy Duty Safety Switches

Uei HVACKIT Digital Clamp-On Kit

Grundfos Hydro Multi-B Booster Pump System

Friedrich Ductless Split System

Bosch Li-Ion Power Tool Batteries

Flood Buzz Pro-02 Water Leak Alarm

Browning Tenso-set Motor

Klein Insulated Tool Line

Spectronics Leak Detection Kit

3-IN-ONE® Multi-Purpose Oil with Telescoping Marksman Spout

Tops and Trucks Winners


2014 SMACNA Annual
Convention & Product Show

October 12-15, 2014
San Antonio

Total Immersion Sales Summit
LA, CA • May 4 - 9, 2014

Arzel Zoning 2014
Comfort College Schedule

May 8th & 9th
September 4th & 5th
October 9th & 10th
November 6th & 7th
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APRIL 2014
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