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Supercharge Your Sales Closure Rate

By knowing what motivates people, and what stresses them out, you can improve your ability to hire the right person, supervise your staff, and even improve your sales closure rates. When you are selling, you need to know who you are dealing with. Once you understand how to quickly identify the four personality types, you will be in a better position to tailor your approach and message to that particular person.

By James Leichter

James Leichter
business insights

To Be Successful, Tough Decisions Need to be Made
There’s an old saying that the best way to get yourself out of a hole is to stop digging. The problem is that too many times, you think there’s a treasure lurking just a few more shovelfuls down, so the digging continues. As the hole gets deeper, you keep at it because you’ve already put so much effort into it that it would be a waste to stop now.

8 Things You Think You Need, but Really Don't
The average American home has 300,000 items in it. That's a lot of stuff, most of which we probably don't use very often. This stuff piles up, leading to clutter, disorganization, and stress. It's gotten to the point where we are being physically and mentally weighed down by our things.

Study: For Entrepreneurs, Optimism Doesn't Pay (Literally)
Given that half of new businesses fail in the first five years, it's a given that you have to be at least a bit of an optimist to become an entrepreneur. A healthy dose of cheerful overconfidence also helps you be perceived as a leader, influence others, and shake off failure. No wonder so many business owners are inveterate optimists.

Why a Positive Attitude Is the First Step to a Successful Career
As Entrepreneur Network partner Brian Tracy points out, many people are unhappy with their careers. The reality is almost everyone wants a career that will be simultaneously fulfilling and also pay a comfortable wage.

The Top Reason People Quit Their Jobs — It's Not Money
So there you are having a fairly decent day, when it’s abruptly ruined: Yet another of your most experienced and valuable senior people walks into your office with the awful news that he or she is leaving for a better job elsewhere. In this squeaky-tight job market, after all, everyone is out to poach your top talent

The Cost Of Climate-Related Disasters Has Soared In The 21st Century
Hurricane Michael has left a trail of destruction along Florida's Panhandle coast, ripping houses from their foundations and killing at least six people. The Category 4 storm is one of the strongest to ever to hit the U.S. mainland with winds of 155mph. Along with the human cost, the hurricane has also inflicted catastrophic economic damage with Accuweather predicting up to $30 billion in losses.

American Standard

Adjustable Shelving

Adrian Steel

Steam Humidifier


Dual Stage Economizer


Navigator Screw Chiller


Turbocor TTH/TGH


Modulating Gas Furnace


Tankless Water Heater




Compact Vertical Blower



Use Personality Tests to Build a Better Team
Research shows we tend to like people who are like us. If we’re similar in style, our communication approaches are aligned and it makes it easy for us to understand one another.

Identifying, Recruiting and Growing Talent
How do you identify a winner? What traits does a successful employee have? How do you attract and grow talent? There are many ways to recruit and attract. Here are just a few.

Have a Plan Before You Hire
As with everything else you do in business, going in with a solid plan is the best way to ensure success. Navigating around all the pitfalls associated with hiring staff can be complicated — but it doesn't have to be.


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