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Facebook Ads: Reach the Right People

Effective communication starts with knowing your audience. So, in a world of niche markets, constant media, and non-stop advertising how can audiences be reached in productive ways? The effectiveness of Facebook comes from its reach: it has more than one billion active users! The ability to target specific segments within the one billion active users is the key to the success for the Facebook Business Ads model.

By Joel Frederick

Joel Frederick
business insights

Innovation and Taking Risks are Why You Became a Leader
It takes a lot of work to reshape a business. The thought of blazing a new path for your business that attracts more customers and creates additional revenue streams should excite you. If there are obstacles to be overcome along the way, that’s even better.

Hiring Advice from Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos
Amazon has a specific philosophy when it comes to filling corporate job openings. It's spelled out in a 1998 letter from CEO Jeff Bezos, in which he called hiring talented people "the single most important element" of guaranteeing Amazon's success.

Even Small Businesses Are Hurting From the Latest Trade Disputes
Manufacturing companies including small businesses say they're paying higher prices for raw materials and seeing longer wait times for deliveries of goods that must go through customs because of new U.S. tariffs on imports from big trading partners.

7 Traits Shared by the World's Top Entrepreneurs
It requires some luck to become a successful entrepreneur. But it also takes more than pure luck to hit it big: There's a reason the top founders are as successful as they are. Even with fame and fortune, it takes much more to successfully start and maintain a business.

The End is Near For the Economic Boom
The current economic expansion is much nearer its end than its beginning, as accumulating hints suggest—including the stagnating stock market. Growth will slow. The bull market will expire. Here’s why and what you need to do about it.

Avoid The Number One Cause of Business Closure
Around the world, the top reason for closing a business is lack of profits, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. And turning a profit starts with generating enough revenue — the kind that keeps on flowing and consistenly covers your overhead.


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Refresh Your Social Media Presence
It’s likely that by this point in online history, your company has a presence on social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are imperative in today’s business world. With so many channels to choose from, selecting them strategically is important.

Know Your Customers and What They Really Want
Although the secret of success in service may be to profitably (and competitively) provide what the customer really wants, effectively addressing those wants is far from easy. Even with the advance in technology today and the accompanying increase in the options we have, there is little we can do unless we know what they are.

Great Companies Are Built With Great Internal Communications
To improve your internal communications, first ask yourself: Do co-workers truly understand my company's business and its goals? Make sure these are crystal clear.


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