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Communicate Your Strategy to Your Team

Whether you’re looking to grow, gain market share, increase profitability, or some combination of the above, your employees are vital to achieving those goals. If you didn’t have a vision for what you wanted your company to be and do, you probably wouldn’t be running one. To get the best from your team, you need to communicate that vision to them in a way they can relate to, so they can get excited and want to achieve it, too.

By Mike Moore

Mike Moore
business insights

Don’t Settle for Being an Ordinary Leader
When you’re a business leader, achieving optimal performance goes beyond the things we should be already doing such as eating right, exercising and getting adequate rest. You’re not an ordinary person, so these ordinary steps are not enough to give your mind, body and spirit what it needs to accomplish everything that your role demands.

The Fed Increased Interest Rates — Here's What it Means for Your Wallet
While investors and economists spend the next few days deciphering new Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's decision to hold a press conference after every meeting and what the projected path of future hikes means for the economy, the lastest hike will hit your wallet almost immediately.

Leaders of the Future Will Need These 5 Skills
Sustainability managers implement cross-functional strategies designed to lower risks and increase the long-term viability of their companies, looking to create value for all types of stakeholders. This is a much more holistic approach than large multinationals had been used to.

Your Odds of Succeeding Improve When You Create a Success Plan
You gotta have a plan. How many times have you heard that before? But, don’t make a plan just for the sake of making a plan. You make a plan to focus you, to move you forward. Your plan has to contain action to be any good. Otherwise, you’ll just have analysis paralysis.

Antarctica's Rate of Melting Ice Has Tripled in the Last Decade
New study looked at the “mass balance of the Antarctica Ice Sheet between 1992 and 2017,” and found that during that time the continent lost three trillion tons of ice and raised sea levels three-tenths of an inch. And 40 percent of that loss happened in the last five years.

5 Things to Consider when Preparing for Expansion
Expansion is challenging and brings with it pressure. You need to find ways to mitigate it and use what’s left to channel as energy. Please consider the following steps before expanding.


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Set Goals When Planning Your Exit Strategy
The ultimate goal of exit planning is for the owner to thrive without the business, and for the business to continue to be operational and financially sound.

Avoid Common Pitfalls when Acquiring a Business
While no one can guarantee future success of a business acquisition, there are indicators that can be evaluated to enhance the probability of success.

5 Techniques for Passing the Family Business Torch
Here are five techniques a family-owned company’s new generation of leaders can use to honor their family legacy and tradition while still putting their own ‘stamp’ on the company culture.


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