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When the phone is ringing off the hook and you have more leads than you can handle, all you care about is getting the work done — and keeping your competitors from poaching your technicians and installers. Here’s how to keep your best employees.

By Matt Michel

Matt Michel
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Try Harder to Keep Your Employees Happy
Sometimes, taking a step back is the best way to allow creative thinking to take center stage. Give individuals the freedom to approach any given situation in their own unique way.

Five Ways Management and Leadership are Different
Everything we were taught about management assumed that the manager would know what to do and was calling the shots. These days we understand that the old-fashioned view of a manager’s duties is wholly insufficient for the new-millennium workplace.

How Companies Have Failed to Market to Millennials
Companies bending over backward to sell to millennials are doing the one thing the cohort hates most: trying too hard. With this crew, the biggest mistake is seeming inauthentic.

Has the Internet of Things gone too far?
It’s quickly getting to a point where it isn’t enough just to have a glass of water. That glass has to connect to the Internet, and report your consumption to a plethora of online services and apps that will, in turn, tell you whether or not you’ve had enough for the day.

How Planning to Fail Can Help You Succeed
Setting "implementation intentions" is about creating an automatic, specific response to each obstacle in your way. It's a simple principle, which comes down to knowing ahead of time exactly what you'll do if you veer off course, as well as defining precisely what veering off course means for you.

Managing Employee Risk Requires a Culture of Compliance
New risk-management methods provide more frequent and timely feedback; while local managers are vital to on-the-ground reporting and measurement.

Why Leadership Development Has to Happen on the Job
Success in the 21st century will require leaders to pay attention to the evolving context in which a business is operating. Contextual leaders facilitate adapting to change by helping their people understand the nature of new challenges and opportunities and how to address them in the moment.


Legal Does Not Mean Safe
As more states legalize marijuana, employers should know they still have the right to a drug-free workplace policy. The first step to ensure a well-defined message pertaining to employee drug use is a strong drug policy that is clearly stated and well communicated. Zero-tolerance policies are still perfectly enforceable.

Employee Handbooks Can Provide Important Legal Protection
Regardless of the number of employees you have, you have to inform them of you policies. The best way to communicate these is through an employee manual. It will also provide your business important protection.


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