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4 Important Questions for Business Expansion

If your HVACR contracting business has grown, you may be thinking of opening another location. While this year might be the best to expand, think of these four important questions and provide the answers for each.

By Dan McKee

Dan McKee
business insights

Why Some People Are Great Leaders, and Others Are Not
Leaders fail every day. The proof of leadership, its true measure, is not about being assigned, appointed to, or awarded with leadership. It is about action, not position. True leadership is earned, and it is earned by having an impact — a lasting influence, an effect on those around you.

Inspire Loyalty With Your Leadership
As the leader of your business, you're surely aware that the loyalty you inspire in your employees is more than just important; it’s essential. Beyond producing improved results from your employees and reducing turnover in your staff, the loyalty you encourage in your team — through the behaviors that you exemplify — will extend itself to your customer base, and beyond.

7 Things Great Listeners Do Differently
Listening is a bit like intelligence — most everyone thinks they’re above average, even though that’s impossible. A recent study showed that listening can influence up to 40 percent of a leader’s job performance. Failing to keep your ears (and eyes) open could leave you out of the game.

One Size Never Really Fits All
Best practices can be one of the most damning mindsets for any business that requires responsiveness. Especially if working toward building a great work culture is the goal. The more similarities your company has with the origin of the best practice is the degree to which the practice may work for you.

7 Habits Of The Best Public Speakers
Public speaking, whether it’s on a stage or in a conference room, isn’t some magical, innate skill. When you look behind the curtain, you’ll see that many great speakers have similarities in how they present and perform. Want to nail that next presentation? Use these seven tips.

The Energy Conservatory

Developing Your Digital Marketing Skill Set
You know the technical side of your business, but your marketing skills might need improvement. Advertising and lead-generation tactics have changed significantly in recent years, and they continue to evolve. Knowing how to use the latest digital communications tools is an important skill set that can help your business thrive.

Top 5 Rules for Effective Vehicle Wrap Design
Using your vehicles to help brand your company should be part of an overall marketing and branding effort so that what ends up on your fleet is an extension of all the other marketing your company does. These tips tips will help you realize the maximum impact and return on investment for your outdoor vehicle advertising programs.


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