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Education & Training: Take the Initiative

Why Education is Important

By Jamie Kitchen

Don’t let your training and education program fall through the cracks. Training is not something that can just be done on a whim and hope that all will magically be better. So, if training is not done and our businesses run regardless, is it even worth it to make the effort to train our employees — and ourselves, for that matter?

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Implement On-the-Job Training 

By Michael Moore

Becoming a proficient HVACR professional requires training and education — lots of it. Obviously, you don’t need to be told that HVACR technicians and installers need training to be good at their jobs. The trick, as you probably know all too well, is to recruit and retain enough trained staff to meet increasing demand for service.

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Stop Training, Start Learning

By Lance Sinclair

A move toward a learning model will increase the retention of knowledge in your training program. Stop training ­— it doesn’t work. I have been in the learning and development field for more than 17 years and if I have learned one thing — it is this: STOP Training!

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