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What Makes You Memorable?

Originally published: 04.01.18 by Pete Grasso

Differentiate yourself from competitors and give your customers something to remember.

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Everybody Wants Control(s)

Originally published: 03.01.18 by Pete Grasso

This year’s AHR Expo featured a multitude of technology, especially in the Data, Automation and Controls segments.

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The Importance of Onboarding

Originally published: 02.01.18 by Pete Grasso

For new employees to truly become part of your team, put as much effort into onboarding them as you did in finding them.

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Start Fresh and Resolve to be Profitable

Originally published: 01.01.18 by Pete Grasso

Educating your staff and increasing efficiency are just two keys to making this your most profitable year ever.

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We’re All Getting Smarter

Originally published: 12.01.17 by Pete Grasso

As buildings and equipment get more intelligent, so too must the industry as a whole.

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Redefine Great Customer Service

Originally published: 11.01.17 by Pete Grasso

You not only need to practice great customer service, you also have to encourage everyone at your company to go above and beyond.

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Educate, Assist Your Customers after Disaster Strikes

Originally published: 10.01.17 by Pete Grasso

As local business owners — as an industry — it’s important to be there for your communities after a natural disaster.

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You’ve Got Mail — Now Read it!

Originally published: 09.01.17 by Pete Grasso

Email has been around a long time, yet we’re still trying to master this communications tool.

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Industry Committed to Innovation

Originally published: 08.01.17 by Pete Grasso

Innovation abounds throughout the industry thanks to the commitment of its dedicated manufacturers.

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Prepare for Growth

Originally published: 07.01.17 by Pete Grasso

If you’re not prepared for it, rapid growth may lead to failure.

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Living in the Information Age

Originally published: 06.01.17 by Pete Grasso

Browse through our archives and you’ll find articles published five, six or even 11 years ago easily apply to your business today.

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Take a Look from Your Customers’ Perspective

Originally published: 05.01.17 by Pete Grasso

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, and you’ll look at your service in a whole new light.

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Hope is Not a Business Plan

Originally published: 04.01.17 by Pete Grasso

While hope should not be the foundation of your business plan, it’s certainly an essential aspect.

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Customers Want What They Want

Originally published: 03.01.17 by Pete Grasso

While the customer may not always be right, the sad truth is, the customer wants what the customer wants.

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Define Your Own Leadership Style

Originally published: 02.01.17 by Pete Grasso

Just as each of us is different, so are our individual leadership styles — and what’s right for one person might not necessarily be right for another.

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It All Starts Now

Originally published: 01.01.17 by Pete Grasso

It’s stories of your entrepreneurial success that help make this magazine such a great resource and inspire other contractors.

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Educate Your Customer Base

Originally published: 11.01.16 by Pete Grasso

Educating your customer base — and offering products and services they want — will help you compete in a crowded marketplace.

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Be Trustworthy and Likable

Originally published: 09.01.16 by Pete Grasso

If you want customers to respond positively to your company, then you need people who are likable.

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Communicate and Live Up to Your Promises

Originally published: 07.01.16 by Pete Grasso

Keeping your customers happy is really quite easy. And yet, social media constantly reminds us there are service contractors who can’t seem to get this right.

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You Have a Lot to Teach Each Other

Originally published: 05.01.16 by Pete Grasso

Association meetings, industry events and mix groups are great venues in which to share ideas and learn from those who have been where you are and where you plan to go with your business.

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Make Smart Hiring Decisions

Originally published: 03.01.16 by Pete Grasso

When you’re short-staffed, looking for the right person to join your company is the last thing on which you want to spend precious time. But, it’s a necessary process that shouldn’t be rushed.

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Returning to Reality

Originally published: 01.01.16 by Pete Grasso

Use this month to ease back into your schedule, and save the big changes for February.

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Look for the Next Curve

Originally published: 10.01.15 by Pete Grasso

It isn’t enough merely to stay ahead of the curve. True innovators, such as Steve Jobs, look for the next curve. And then the next curve — never becoming complacent.

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Keep it Professional Online

Originally published: 08.01.15 by Pete Grasso

Nothing online is truly private, and the only way to keep from looking foolish is to not be foolish to begin with — and certainly don’t post it online.

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A Champion for the Trades

Originally published: 06.01.15 by Pete Grasso

While One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning will certainly benefit from Mike Rowe’s celebrity endorsement, the industry as a whole has a lot to gain — including recruitment of new technicians.

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Just Say Thanks

Originally published: 04.01.15 by Pete Grasso

Saying "thank you" on a regular basis can be a difficult thing to do, but it can go a long way toward supporting your team.

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Beware the Status Quo

Originally published: 02.01.15 by Pete Grasso

If you desire improvement, you have to change the way things have always been done.

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Manage Your Stress this Holiday Season

Originally published: 12.01.14 by Pete Grasso

Stress is inevitable. How we handle the stress, though, will dictate whether or not it has a positive or a negative effect on our lives.

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A Lot to Look Forward To

Originally published: 09.01.14 by Pete Grasso

We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned for 2015, but not everything has to wait until then. Our new website has a lot of features that will keep you coming back for more.

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You Only Get One Chance to Make a Lasting Impression

Originally published: 06.01.14 by Pete Grasso

You don’t have long to make a lasting impression, so you better be memorable. Luckily, this industry has no shortage of great minds worthy of praise for their creative marketing strategies.

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Small Businesses, Big Brands

Originally published: 04.01.14 by Jenn Lonzer

Fleet branding has 2.5 seconds to make an impression on passersby; make every second count

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Preoccupied Personnel

Originally published: 03.01.09 by Heather Onorati

Your knack for shrewd business strategy should include tactics for keeping employees motivated, focused, and committed.

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Resolve to Organize and Decrease Stress

Originally published: 01.01.09 by Heather Onorati

Better organizational skills will help you reduce stress on yourself and your employees, leading to much higher productivity.

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The Leadership Challenge

Originally published: 11.01.08 by Heather Onorati

You must master the art of working through others rather than "doing it yourself."

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Give Customers an Opportunity

Originally published: 09.01.08 by Traci Purdum

Giving customers an opportunity to voice their opinions makes good business sense. It can also help you "snatch victory from the jaws of defeat."

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Managing Change

Originally published: 07.01.08 by Traci Purdum

Embrace change and move forward or resist change and risk failure. Either way, the next generation will always be at your heels waiting to take over the reins. It’s your choice to be remembered as a visionary leader or a stagnant manager.

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Disaster Planning

Originally published: 04.01.08 by Traci Purdum

Every year natural disasters and common events like fires force thousands of businesses to close, and 25% can not recover. To better your odds of survival, devise a disaster plan.

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The Craft Of Communication

Originally published: 02.01.08 by Traci Purdum

Tracey Purdum recounts an experience with communication gone wrong and uses it as a teaching moment for how to better handle various situations with co-workers and employees.

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Getting Better With Wellness Programs

Originally published: 08.01.07 by Tonya Vinas

Investing in employee wellness programs can produce a more satisfied and productive workforce, reduce health-care and insurance costs, and improve attendance and performance.

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Co-op Advertising Makes Small Companies Seem Big

Originally published: 06.01.07 by Tonya Vinas

Contractors can have top notch ads with minimal effort.

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Who Makes Buying Decisions? Women!

Originally published: 04.01.07 by Tonya Vinas

Women are a lucrative market, especially when it comes to providing a comfortable, cost-efficient home for families. Position your products and services so that they respond to the concerns of women, and stress quality and ease of maintenance.

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Need a New Way To Promote Your Business? Say 'Go Team!'

Originally published: 02.01.07 by Tonya Vinas

It’s no surprise then that sports marketing is hugely successful for many brand-name companies, and many have hitched their marketing wagons — or at least one marketing wagon — to sports.

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Boost Productivity With ‘Visuality’

Originally published: 11.01.06 by Tonya Vinas

The power of visuality is that it empowers employees to do their jobs more efficiently based on their own evaluations, ideas, and actions. It seems with this concept, everyone benefits, especially customers.

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