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Eastern Sheet Metal App


The new Eastern Sheet Metal Equivalent Round Duct Calculator app allows sheet metal contractors and installers, as well as HVAC engineers and contractors, to quickly convert rectangular and flat oval duct dimensions to round. It will also convert rectangular to flat oval. The app is available for Apple and Android systems.

As dimensions are entered, the app calculates the equivalent round diameter. If the volume flow rate and duct length are entered, the app instantly calculates air velocity, friction rate and friction loss for standard air.

Where space limitations make conversion to round duct impossible, flat oval is the next most efficient shape, providing many of the advantages of round and better able to fit the available space.

One of the first of its kind in the industry, the Equivalent Round Duct Calculator app allows users to calculate conversions digitally rather than with a slide rule. The easy-to-use app lends itself to use in the field, because it does not require an online connection.

If an internet connection is available, the app can also link users to the Eastern Sheet Metal website, where they can find tools that will instantly calculate multiple solutions for the equivalent round diameter and a range of flat oval dimensions.


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