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Business Plans

Fishbone Diagram

The Fishbone diagram was orginally developed by Professor Kaoru Ishikawa, a Japanese quality control statistician, as a quality management processes in the Kawasaki shipyards. He developed the diagram to assist teams in categorizing the many potential causes of problems in order to identify root causes.

From Have a Bone to Pick? Diagram It (Sept. 2006) by Terry Tanker


Business Performance

Key Performance Indicators

Tracking key performance indicators gives immediate feedback on performance. Using these key performance indicators as a guide.

From The Importance Of KPIs (Mar. 2007) by Jackie Rainwater

Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy S5 had become quite popular among HVACR business owners. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks.

From Samsung Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks (Oct. 2014) by Terry Tanker




To Discount or Not to Discount

This is the calculation for determining when a supplier’s discount is your best option.

From To Discount or Not to Discount (Jan. 2009) by Ruth King

Sample Balance Sheet

This is a sample formatted balance sheet.

From What to Expect From Your CPA (Feb. 2008) by Ruth King



Tell the World (well at least the local press) that You’re Green

This is a sample press release that can be used as a template for touting anything from using a new environmentally friendly refrigerant to testing service techs for EPA certification.

From Marketing Green (Jan. 2009) by Ross Soyka


Service Agreements

The Light Commercial Service and Service Agreement Business

A bulleted list of the customers, co-workers, and company benefits for expanding into the light commercial service and service agreement business.

From Light Commercial Service Agreements, part 1 (Mar. 2009) and Light Commercial Service Agreements, part 2 (June 2009) by Ron Smith