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Diversified Pure Chem Receives Double-Verified California Carbon Offset Credits

RHOME, Texas — Diversified Pure Chem (DPC) recently received the first double-verified carbon offset credits (CCO3s) issued by the California Air Resources Board (ARB). These credits stem from ozone depleting substances (ODS) destruction projects that undergo verification from the ARB and a second verification body. As a result, their invalidation period is reduced from eight to three years, making the credits less risky and more valuable on the California cap-and-trade offset market.

Credits from the project, DPC Domestic ODS Destruction Project #11, were originally awarded in September 2013 when the ARB began issuing carbon offset credits. By default, the credits had an eight-year invalidation period, thereby labeling them as CCO8s. In accordance with ARB guidelines, these credits were converted to CCO3s once the project was validated by a second entity.

“DPC is proud to be a part of this milestone within the cap-and-trade community,” said Bill Auriemma, president and CEO of DPC. “This is a significant development that increases the momentum of the offset market and furthers our company’s commitment to the environment. Contributing to environmental efforts is the most rewarding aspect of our business and we look forward to continuing these efforts.”

An active ODS project developer, DPC has developed several projects and received hundreds of thousands of offset credits through California’s cap-and-trade program. Cap-and-trade programs aim to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) by allocating a limited number of carbon credits among emission-producing companies and corporations. Each carbon credit is equivalent to one metric ton of carbon dioxide and the credits are traded as commodities. GHG mitigation projects, such as the DPC project, generate carbon credits that offset emission activities.

For additional information, visit www.divpc.com.