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Danfoss Doubles Warranty on Cables and Mats for Electrical Heating


BALTIMORE —Danfoss has extended the warranty on all cables and mats for electrical heating from 10 to 20 years. This warranty is not limited to the product itself; Danfoss offers a full warranty meaning that, in case of failure on cables or mats, Danfoss will also cover costs of installation and repairs due to repairing or exchanging the heating cables or mats up to five times the amount.

“Reliability and quality are key parameters to us — we want our customers to be able to rely on us in everything we do,” said Jacob Madsen, vice president, Electrical Heating Systems, Danfoss. “We have spent several years dedicated to product development and testing, and have ultimately reached a quality level where our products maintain excellent performance over a long period of time.

“It is only natural that we extend our warranty to 20 years. We believe so much in our ability to deliver superior quality that we are confident in making this a warranty that also covers cost of installation and heating materials involved up to five times the amount.”

The new warranty in North America covers all LX floor heating cables and mats, all TX floor heating and thermal storage cables, and all GX snow melting cables and mats. In order to obtain this warranty, the warranty card and proof of purchase must be completed and submitted to Danfoss.

For additional information, visit http://lx.danfoss.com/.