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Daikin University is an Ideal Way for AC Technicians to Sharpen Their Skills


CARROLLTON, TX – Daikin AC offers a variety of quality training programs to provide technicians with outstanding tools and resources. Attending Daikin University can not only earn technicians the CE credits they are required to earn, but the NATE certification and superior training that can make them more valuable to both their employers and their customers.

“We are here to create some of the finest technicians in the industry,” says Training Manager Kelly Mandrick. “Training and NATE certification are a big part of the technician’s career and we believe it should be a positive experience. Whether they want to stay on top of their CECs, earn NATE certification, or just refine their technical knowledge base, Daikin University is the smart way to do it.”

Daikin University administrators listen and respond to student feedback, often adjusting programs to fit student needs better. Recently they added more two- and four-hour classes to serve this purpose. This wide array of cutting edge, consistent curriculum is taught by an outstanding faculty — instructors often seen presenting at colleges and professional HVAC industry events.

Unlike other training venues, Daikin University curriculum is standardized so students can be sure they are receiving the same information no matter where they attend class, across all 24 facilities in the United States, Canada, and Latin America. The courses are designed by training professionals around specific objectives based on industry needs and job task analysis.

Students can choose the instructional setting that works best for them, whether that’s classroom, online, on-demand, instructor-led webinars or on-site training. All Daikin University facilities house a complete range of fully functional ductless split and VRV systems for invaluable hands-on experience.

“Daikin University is yet another way we support the development of our customers’ organizations and the application of the most advanced HVAC technology in the industry,” says Mandrick. “We are growing fast, adding new facilities, and refining our curriculum so we can offer even more customers the best training in the industry.”

For more information: www.daikinac.com