Coolerado Helps Industrial Facility Lower Cooling Costs

Originally published: 08.013.13 by HVACR Business Staff


DENVER, CO – Coolerado today announced that Ram Grinding, a premiere high precision industrial grinding facility located in Arvada Colorado, has been able to save over $5,000 annually in cooling costs for their 7,200 sq. ft. facility with Coolerado’s indirect evaporative cooling technologies.

Ram Grinding is able to redirect their previous AC capital expenses towards the purchase and maintenance of industry leading grinding equipment; a direct product and service benefit for their customers. By utilizing Coolerado AC units, Ram Grinding is able to maintain an internal temperature of 76 degrees in stark comparison to 105 degrees outside.

“As a precision grinding shop, we utilize highly calibrated equipment and a few degrees
increase in temperature can compromise the integrity of our product,” said Donovan Horton, coowner of Ram Grinding. “We could not be more pleased to have the industry leading Coolerado AC units keeping our employees and equipment cool while reaping significant savings on our cooling costs.”

“Ram Grinding is an excellent example of a family owned business success story and we are delighted to be their cooling technology of choice,” stated Coolerado CEO Tom Teynor. “It’s exciting to help provide such favorable climate conditions to Ram Grinding and it would be difficult to find another machine shop that can boast equivalent energy cost savings.”

Additional Coolerado Cooling Benefits

  • Daytime Hours – Ability to operate all equipment anytime rather than having to create swing shift or graveyard hours for heat-intense operations.
  • Simple Installation – All three Coolerado six-ton air conditioning units were self-installed with little difficulty.
  • Fresh Air and Less Humidity – Ram Grinding equipment produces a typical water and oil mist that Coolerado units replace with cool, clean and low humidity air.
  • Increased Success Rate – With steady, cool temperatures, metal parts will not expand.
  • Challenging Facility – Cooling a 60’ X 120’ metal building with 19’ ceilings provides a complex set of requirements.


COMPARISON                       3 COOLERADO         Traditional A/C
                                          Six-Ton AC UNITS
Peak Demand                            3,000 Watts              30,000 Watts
Electricity Cost                               $511                        $5,430
Water Cost                                     $132                           $0
Total Annual Operating Cost            $643                        $5,430
10 Year Operating Savings            $47,000                         $0
Installation Cost Savings                $4,000                          $0
Total 10 Year Cost Savings        Over $50,000                     $0


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