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Venstar ColorTouch Firmware Update Delivers Automated Demand Response


CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Venstar has released its new Firmware 3.14 update for its ColorTouch residential and commercial color touch screen, programmable thermostats. This update delivers added Automated Demand Response (ADR) and Equipment Fault Detection (EFD) in compliance with Title 24.

“ColorTouch Firmware 3.14 Update enables Venstar’s ColorTouch thermostats to comply with Title 24’s Automated Demand Response and Equipment Fault Detection mandates,” said Steve Dushane, CEO of Venstar. “At Venstar, we are dedicated to giving ColorTouch users an easy upgrade path to the latest, most innovative features with firmware updates and continually creating new features and performance enhancements to ensure that ColorTouch users, installers and contractors always have the very best in indoor climate control.”

With the Firmware 3.14 update, ColorTouch thermostats now support and have the ability to participate in utility-generated load shedding events. ColorTouch now supports the handling of specific signals from the utility provider.

Utility signals sent to ColorTouch thermostats may include pricing information and/or setback actions that allow users to alter the comfort settings of the thermostat in order to reduce energy usage on demand.

The 3.14 firmware update is now factory-standard in new ColorTouch residential and commercial thermostats. Previous ColorTouch residential and commercial models can be updated via Wi-Fi at the thermostat or through Venstar’s mobile app with Venstar’s Skyport Cloud Services.

For additional information, visit www.venstar.com.