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Carrier Dual Stage Relief Economizer


Carrier’s Dual Stage Relief Economizer (DSRE) for light commercial rooftop units combines a traditional economizer with a means of relieving building pressure without the use of a power-consuming device. DSRE uniquely combines an air economizer with two non-powered pressure relief stages, facilitating the relief of pressure during normal ventilation operation and during economizer free cooling.

In many applications, DSRE also eliminates the need for a powered exhaust or a separate pressure relief system, thus reducing both installation costs and building energy consumption. In addition to the relief capability, DSRE allows customers to minimize electrical feeds and breakers for installation, and to lower their initial first cost by enabling use of a smaller electrical feed and breaker.

According to a recent Carrier energy model analysis, a typical 10-ton DSRE unit can achieve between $189 and $389 in annual savings (based on $0.12 kw/hr and between 1,200-2,400 hours of economizer operation).


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