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Carrier® Announces Newest AquaSnap® Chiller,
the 30RB with Greenspeed® Intelligence

Carrier has added a new dimension to its AquaSnap line of chillers by introducing the 30RB with Greenspeed intelligence, which enables higher efficiency and optimized performance. The new 30RB with Greenspeed intelligence features enhanced scroll compressors that are designed for better full-load efficiency at the operating point of an air-cooled chiller. In addition, the 30RB with Greenspeed intelligence uses high-efficiency variable-speed condenser fans, providing ideal fan operating sequence for optimal airflow across the condenser, which supports higher efficiency when running at part-load conditions. As such, the 30RB is the first air-cooled scroll chiller in the market to cross the 17.0-Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) barrier.

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